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I have joined the Editorial Advisory Committee of the International Legal Materials (http://www.asil.org/resources/international-legal-materials), published by the American Society of International Law.


I am a member of the Editorial Committee of the online journal Droits fondamentaux of Université Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) (http://www.droits-fondamentaux.org/).


Editorial Assistant for the African Yearbook of International Law, collecting, reviewing, editing and formatting contributions to each volume. From the setting of the African Foundation for International Law (http://www.afil-fadi.org/) in 2003, I have been assisting the Executive Committee in managing various research programmes especially from 2005 to 2009, organizing workshops on African perspectives of the developing international criminal justice. In November 2010, I was appointed acting Executive Director of the Foundation and served in that position until October 2012.

1. Chronological

  • The Continuing Evolution of the Nuremberg Principles in Light of the Contemporary Jurisprudence of International Criminal Courts, June 2017, International Nuremberg Principles Academy, Annual Forum 2017 (in progress). Introductory Note to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2093 on the Situation in Somalia, International Legal Materials 52 (2013) 5, 1185-1195 (http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5305/intelegamate.52.5.1185).
  • Introductory Note to the Agreement on the Establishment of the Extraordinary African Chambers within the Senegalese Judicial System between the Government of the Republic of Sénégal and the African Union and the Statute of the Chambers, International Legal Materials 52 (2013) 4, 1020-1036 (http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5305/intelegamate.52.4.1020).
  • Kenya Withdrawal from ICC: A Symptom of Political Brainwash, Jurist Forum, 8 October 2013 (http://jurist.org/forum/2013/10/roland-adjovi-african-brainwash.php). Editor for « Cour africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuples: L’affaire Rév. Mtikila c. Tanzanie »[Commentary on the Rev. Mtikila Judgment at the African Court], Sentinelle, 2 September 2013 (http://www.sentinelle-droit-international.fr/BIBLIO/DOC/DOC20130904170948.pdf).
  • Tanzania’s Constitution Violates the Rights of Political Candidates, Jurist Forum, 1 July 2013 (http://jurist.org/forum/2013/07/roland-adjovi-tanzanian-candidates.php).
  • "Africa and International Criminal Law", African Yearbook of International Law 17 (2009), published in 2012.Understanding the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. How Does the African Charter Interact with or Enrich the International Law Project?, November 2012 (http://thinkafricapress.com/international-law-africa/african-charter-human-peoples-rights).
  • Ivory Coast: Update on the legal framework for the presidential election, January 2011, L’autre Afrik (http://www.afrik.com/article21798.html).
  • Commentary of the first Judgement of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Jurist, December 2009 (http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/). Various commentaries of Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the Special Court for Sierra Leone published in the Hague Justice Journal (http://www.haguejusticeportal.net/) (2007, 2008 and 2009), and in the African Yearbook of International Law (2002, 2004 and 2006).
  • “The United Nations Security Council and The International Criminal Court” [The United Nations Security Council and The International Criminal Court], African Yearbook of International Law 13 (2005).
  • « La Résolution 1593 référant la situation du Darfour à la Cour pénale internationale » [Resolution 1593 Referring the Situation in Darfur to the International Criminal Court] [joint paper], La Revue Juridique d’Auvergne (2005).
  • « The obligation to cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda» [Obligation to Cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda] [joint paper], Annuaire Français de Relations Internationales (2005) (http://www.afri-ct.org).
  • ICTR in 2004: Three Case Notes [joint paper], Chinese Journal of International Law 2005.
  • «The obligation to cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda» [Fair Trial Before the International Criminal Tribunal] [joint paper], in Hélène Ruiz-Fabri (ed.),Fair trial and entanglements of normative spaces, Paris, Société de Législation Comparée de Paris, September 2003.
  • Legal Collection of Human Rights in Africa 1996-2000 (Report on Human Rights situation in Bénin and in Côte d’Ivoire), Paul Tavernier (ed.), Bruxelles, Bruylant, September 2002.
  • Comment of Judgements of the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg), Journal du droit international (January – March 2002), Emmanuel Decaux and Paul Tavernier (eds.).
  • Weekly comment on the jurisprudence of the international criminal tribunals / courts and on international law related to Africa, Sentinelle (2005-2007) [weekly newsletter on international affairs (http://www.sentinelle-droit-international.fr/) originally published by the Société française pour le droit international – French Society for International Law (http://www.sfdi.org)], and some papers in the e-journal Actualité et Droit International, (http://www.ridi.org/adi/). I have also published some of my dissertations in the African Law e-Library (http://www.lexana.org) that I have designed.

2. Public Speeches

  • July 2015
    Presentation on the international jurisprudence on the crime of torture & on victims participation in international criminal justice, Dakar (Sénégal).
  • May 2014
    Presentation on the guarantees of the rule of law and the challenges of non repetition & Conclusions, VIIth International Symposium of the Egyptian Association of Francophone Jurists on Transitional Justice, 17-18 May 2014 in Cairo (Egypt).
  • November 2013
    Lecture on Lampedusa Human Tragedy at Sea: Hypocrisies of European Foreign Policies at Arcadia University (Glenside, Pennsylvania).
  • October 2013
    Lecture on African States and International Criminal Justice: Should the Divorce Application for Cheating be Granted? at Creighton Law School (Omaha, Nebraska) (http://blogs.arcadia.edu/arcadiaupdates/2013/10/creighton-law-school-hosts-arcadia-resident-scholar/).
  • November 2012
    Introductory Remarks on Rule of Law, an Internal Perspective for the United Nations & Comparative Study of General Principles of Criminal Law and Disciplinary Proceedings within the United Nations Secretariat : Extending the Protection for International Civil Servants in Disciplinary Proceedings, United Nations Dispute Tribunal, Nairobi (Kenya).
  • May 2012
    Talk on Environmental Rights in the African System of Human Rights, Université Paris II (Paris, France).
  • April 2012
    Talk on Harmonization of African Criminal Law, Max Planck Institute for International and Comparative Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany).
  • April 2012
    Lecture on Universality of Human Rights : A View from Africa, Roma Tre University (Rome, Italy).
  • February 2012
    Talk on Jurisprudence of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Université Paris II (Paris, France).
  • December 2011
    Talk on Intangibility of Boundaries and Right to Self Determination in Africa, Université Paris II (Paris, France).
  • October 2011
    Talk on International Criminal Justice : Use and/or Abuse against African Leadership, Fordham Law School, New York.
  • October 2011
    Talk in various Universities in California, on Human Rights in East Africa, United Nations and Electoral Dispute (Côte d’Ivoire) and on Legitimacy and Military Intervention in Libya.
  • October 2011
    Global Collaboration Center, Osaka University, International Criminal Justice and Conflict Resolution in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • September 2011
    International Career Development Program, Utsunomiya and Hakuoh Universities, Conflicts in the African Great Lakes Region.
  • July 2011
    University of Pretoria (South Africa), 30 Years of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Looking Forward While Looking Back, Chair of a Panel (http://www.chr.up.ac.za).
  • June 2011
    International Law Institute – African Centre for Legal Excellence, Kampala (Uganda), Seminar for East African Law Schools Lecturers, Nairobi (Kenya), Universal Jurisdiction and Africa: Cases of Hissène Habré and of Rwandans involved in the 1994 Genocide (http://www.ili.or.ug/).
  • June 2011
    Kigali Bar Association, Professional Training for Lawyers including a workshop on Universal Jurisdiction as applied to Africans.
  • May 2011
    American Graduate School in Paris (France), Françafrique: Reality or Fiction?
  • March 2011
    Global Studies Center, Smith College, Northampton, MA (U.S.A.), Côte d’Ivoire: What Avenues for Resolution? And What Lessons on Governance in Africa? (http://www.smith.edu/).
  • March 2011
    School of Management, University of Massachussetts, Amherst, (U.S.A.), Civil War in Libya: International Response and African Leadership (http://www.umass.edu/).
  • March 2011
    UMASS Amherst Study Abroad, University of Massachussetts, (U.S.A.), The Role of Human Rights in Conflict Intervention and Peacebuilding in East Africa (http://www.umass.edu/).
  • March 2011
    International Women Day, Arusha (Tanzania), Assessing the IWD on women’s rights worldwide.
  • October 2010
    New England Law School, MA (U.S.A.), Conspiracy! http://www.nesl.edu/centers/cilp.cfm).
  • October 2010
    Boston College Law School, MA (U.S.A.), African Leadership & International Criminal Justice (http://www.bc.edu/schools/law/).
  • September 2010
    Arcadia Center for East African Studies, Arusha (Tanzania), Rule of Law at the United Nations.
  • June 2010
    International Law Institute – African Centre for Legal Excellence, Kampala (Uganda), Seminar for East African Law Schools Lecturers, Nairobi (Kenya), Victims Participation at the International Criminal Court(http://www.ili.or.ug/).
  • June 2010
    United Nations Dispute Tribunal in Nairobi (Kenya), New United Nations Internal Dispute Resolution System, Seminar for Lawyers of the Kenyan Law Society.
  • March 2010
    Arcadia University, Glenside, PA (U.S.A.), Extraordinary Actors of International Criminal Justice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCnqe2u9y-Q).
  • November 2008
    New England Law School, MA (U.S.A.), Recent Jurisprudential Development at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Media Judgement and Referral cases (http://www.nesl.edu/centers/cilp.cfm).

3. Thematic Areas

  • International Law
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • International Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • Others

My name is Sètondji Roland ADJOVI. I am a jurist specialized in public international law, law of international organizations, international human rights, international criminal law, labour law in international organizations and sports law. I am from Benin, in West Africa, but the world is my office.


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    P.O. Box 653, Willow Grove, PA 19090-0653 (USA)
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